“I’m taking a year out from mid 2016 to mid 2017 to focus on other things”

Hi, my name is Gail Ross and I am a Spiritual Medium and Past Life Regression Therapist. I intend, through this website to explain a little more about mediumship, how it can help you in your life, giving you support and guidance from your loved ones who have passed over to the Spirit World. I also aim to explain how mediumship works for me and in turn hopefully remove some of the mystery that may surround it. Past Life Regression is another subject which I think you will enjoy reading about and finding out how it can help you in your life today.

I hope you enjoy your time exploring the site and if you do then please share it with others.  If you want to contact me about any aspect of the work I do to see how it can help you then please get in touch. You can also take a look at the articles section where I’ll be sharing some day to day life experiences and observations with a spiritual slant. I’ll also be publishing articles on energies, pilgrimage, poems and lots more.

What I do

I offer Private Readings, Past Life Regression therapy sessions, Spiritual Assessments, Workshops, Seminars, Talks and Training Courses. I have put together some information on what to expect from and how to be prepared for a private reading and also what benefits there are from a  past life regression therapy session. If you have any specific requirements then please get in touch. You can also find my client testimonials for a few insights and very kind words.

My philosophy

There are many paths you can take on your spiritual journey. Remember that it is the journey that is important not just getting there as quickly as possible. I believe we are all spiritual beings and that even after what we call “physical death” the existence of our soul is eternal, that our loved ones are still very much a part of our lives, helping us and guiding us.

My integrity and ethical standards are of the highest quality. I aim to help, heal, empower and inspire people through my Mediumship and Past Life Regression Therapy in a caring and supportive way.